Welcome to Matrix J!

Major Changes Announcement

Matrix J is announcing some major changes to its overall business structure.  I (owner Josh Kolbe) am moving my business toward a members-only based system that I have been working on building up over the last few years.  We will no longer be providing repair services to random, in-home clients unless they become a member and I can only handle so many members at any given time.  If you have never worked with us before then I apologize, but we will not be taking on new clients at this time.  If you have worked with us before I will still handle your repair needs until June 30, 2016.  By July 1 I will strictly support members only.  Please check out the Membership page above.

The second portion of the announement is that the MJT office will no longer maintain "open" office hours but instead will now be available "by appointment only." There is no longer any staff person there on a regular basis to answer the phone or be available for walk-ins.

I realize these changes are really going to disappoint some people and I'm very sorry for that, but these changes will now afford me to provide a much higher quality of service to a select few rather than being pulled in so many directions and being unable to provide my best service to all.  Thank you for your understanding.

Our Philosophy

At Matrix J Technologies, we understand how frustrating it is when a computer crashes and you're stuck not knowing what to do about it.  We want to help!  Matrix J repairs any and every computer issue you can think of.  If it's something we aren't sure how to fix we do the research to find out on our own dime, because expanding our knowledge only benefits us and any future clients.  More specifics about what we do can be found on our Repair page.  Browse our website, call us, or stop in and talk to our friendly staff to find out how Matrix J Technologies can provide you with Tailored Technology Solutions!