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Providing Tailored Technology Solutions


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While in-home and on-site service is provided when necessary, we are now structured to provide remote support to any computer. This means quicker response time and more availability.

Quiet Desk


Macs tend to last a long time. Is yours slowing down?  Let us help breathe some new life into it! Unfortunately, they too get viruses, but we'll get that Mac running better than it has in a long time.

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If you have a computer, getting a virus or malware is a fact of life. That's why this is the most common service we provide. Along with removal we do our best to help prevent future infections.


All prices exclude tax. Tax is charged based on the county you live in.


Diagnostic and Repair Fee

Includes the first hour. Sorry, no free diagnosis here. Why? Because we fix computers, not just tell you what's wrong with them. Figuring out the issue may be 90% of the battle, so we might as well fix it.


Hourly Labor

After the initial hour, labor is billed in 15-minute increments. What does that mean? If we work for you for 1 hour and 27 minutes, you're billed an hour and a half, not two hours.


Annual Home Maintenance

As an option, we offer this agreement that pre-arranges four quarterly visits a year (remote or in-home) to keep your personal devices maintained. Extra labor on any one visit is billed at a slight discount. More options are available for businesses.


Do you run a small business like us? 

Or maybe a slightly larger one but not large enough that you need a full-time or even part-time IT person?

MJT's contracts fill a need for other small to medium businesses that, in today's world, is unavoidable. Let's face it, no matter what type of business you have, you rely on technology and being connected.

The contracts may be called "maintenance agreements" but we try to make them so much more than that. Our goal is to work with you and your administration to develop a plan for navigating the world of technology that is based on the services/products you provide and what you need to accomplish so that you can do what you do best, your job.

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13596 Eddy Rd.
Athens, OH 45701


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